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HVAC Experts - How they provide a professional service for mission critical HVAC systems in your Business.

Allowing HVAC Experts design, install, commission, and maintain a HVAC unit for your business goes a long way to enhancing and improving your system’s efficiency and longevity. 

Of course, the same can be said for any type of product or service you have installed in your company by experts.

In this blog post we will explain why a HVAC expert, such as the team we have here at coreac, should install and maintain your Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning System.


Initial purchasing cost will be offset against operational cost and system efficiency. Designing the correct system for your specific needs can reduce run times and make your system operate more efficiently.

Over the lifetime of a machine, components will have to be replaced as wear and tear will take its toll.  Thus buying quality is key.

Ensure your equipment provider have the technical backup to keep your kit running correctly and have the support of the OEM. (Original Equipment Manufacturers)

Time Saving

Our HVAC engineers are experts and experienced at what they do. They have spent their entire careers providing solutions to HVAC problems. Thus, when they encounter problems, they can diagnose them quickly which means less downtime for your system and a consistency of service to your customers. Core Air engineers are in house trained on OEM designed training courses and on test rigs in the factory.

Tools for the job.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) will provide a continual upgrade of their equipment to maintain efficiencies and functions. This could be a redesign of the equipment over time or a simple upgrade of the operation protocols for the controls of the kit.

OEM appoint authorised service providers as their PM specialists because they will have these updates.

Improving the Efficiency of Your HVAC System

When the HVAC Expert has run a check on your system, then you should notice a much more streamline, efficient operation.

For example, you should be able to detect significant improvements in the way an Air Conditioning Unit cools / heats and moves air around the space

HVAC Experts meeting local regulations and safety requirements

Your HVAC Expert will be a verified Fgas contractor and will have the environmental credentials to operate in the field. They will also be aware of all the  latest safety requirements when it comes to proper HVAC installation and repair.

HVAC Experts will provide a warranty

HVAC Experts will be able to stand over the work they have carried out by providing a warranty. This will provide your business with peace of mind, as  you’ll know if something does go wrong within an allocated period of time, then they will come back and fix it again without your business having to pay for it, once you have had it maintained to the OEM standards


It’s hard to know when a system will stop working. Air conditioning breakdowns do not follow any particular patterns but trained engineers, with specific diagnostic tools, can look back at the operation conditions and evaluate the history and see patterns developing.

If your system is critical to your company operations, whether it is process cooling or computer room close control, HVAC providers will offer you a 24 Hour ,7 days a week support service to put your mind at rest.

Final Thoughts

For all the peace of mind your business needs when it comes to your HVAC requirements, contact us at 00353 1 4098912, email us: at info@coreac.com or log on to https://www.coreac.com


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