Core Air Conditioning Ireland Limited provide solutions for Chiller units and applications. Whether it is air or water cooled machines we can ensure you have an energy efficient machine which meets all Fgas protocols. From 8Kw to 5400 Kw we can provide the correct solution to your application.


Heat Recovery

Four pipe multi function and Heat Pumps

High Efficiency

Low Noise & Super Quiet

Integrated Pump Sets

Low Chilled Water Temperature Applications

Wide Variable Water Flow Applications

Demand Limit Control

Eurovent Certified

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Refence Docs

16DJ.pdf  16LJ.pdf  16NK.pdf
16TJ.pdf 19XR.pdf 23XRV.pdf
30AWH.pdf 30RB-L.pdf 30RB-N.pdf
30RBS.pdf 30RB-S.pdf 30RQ.pdf
30RQ-N.pdf 30RQS.pdf 30WG.pdf
30XA.pdf 30XW.pdf 30XWH.pdf
38RBS.pdf 61AF.pdf 61WG.pdf
HPC F-C.pdf HPC-S.pdf

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