From the ranges of Carrier and Vertiv & Clint Air Conditioning we can provide chillers ranging from 8kW to 1680kW in air cooled and 20kW to 5400kW in water cooled configurations and utilising either hermetic scroll, semi-hermetic screw or hermetic centrifugal compressors.


Heat Recovery

Heat Pumps

High Efficiency

Low Noise & Super Quiet

Integrated Pump Sets

Low Chilled Water Temperature Applications

Wide Variable Water Flow Applications

Demand Limit Control

Eurovent Certified

Refence Docs

16DJ.pdf  16LJ.pdf  16NK.pdf
16TJ.pdf 19XR.pdf 23XRV.pdf
30AWH.pdf 30RB-L.pdf 30RB-N.pdf
30RBS.pdf 30RB-S.pdf 30RQ.pdf
30RQ-N.pdf 30RQS.pdf 30WG.pdf
30XA.pdf 30XW.pdf 30XWH.pdf
38RBS.pdf 61AF.pdf 61WG.pdf
HPC F-C.pdf HPC-S.pdf

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