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From the ranges of Carrier Air Conditioning we can provide chillers ranging from 8kW to 1680kW in air cooled and 20kW to 5400kW in water cooled configurations and utilising either hermetic scroll, semi-hermetic screw or hermetic centrifugal compressors. Free-Cooling Heat Recovery Heat Pumps High Efficiency Low Noise & Super Quiet Integrated Pump Sets Low Chilled…
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Turbocor Chillers

KEY PRODUCT BENEFITS Top EER: A class Top ESEER: variable speed, part load efficiency Low starting current: integrated Inverter Silent operation: no mechanical friction, variable speed Longer life-time: ON-OFF cycles are reduced ADDITIONAL BENEFITS Further energy improvement: Microchannel condensing coils available on aircooled modelsFree-Cooling technology available on aircooled modelsFlooded Shell & Tube evaporators on aircooled…
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Air Handling Units

Holland Heating air handling units are modular construction and are fully customised to provide the required performance for any application with emphasis on air quality and reduction of the energy required to cool, heat, humidify and supply the conditioned air.  Units can be manufactured for internal or external siting and have a high corrosion resistance.…
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